What to Look for When Buying Silk Flowers

Silk Florals is a great alternative for homeowners who are looking for low maintenance and an everlasting look. But how do you know if your silk flowers look tacky or luxurious? There are many factors to determine this, but the most important three are: material, structure, and “authenticity.” At this point you might be asking, why go through the trouble of finding silks that look real when you can just buy real plants and flowers? The most obvious reason being because of the low maintenance and everlasting look, but more importantly, silk florals give homeowners and interior designers the opportunity to add art to their home. 

What material is best for Silk Florals?            

The best material for silk florals varies depending on the type of flower. For example, Sweetgrass Galleries is one of the largest fine silk orchid providers in Naples. These orchids don’t have a visible thread count and instead, is a pressed material with impressions of an orchid’s natural folds and creases. If you are looking for a faux bird of paradise stem, you would look to see if the stem is sturdy and thick because these are traits you can find in a natural bird of paradise. It is important your silk florals don’t have repeating patterns as each petal should be unique for the most true to nature look. Do people really look this closely? The answer is yes. You can always tell a cheap silk floral from quality products because oftentimes you see manufacturing lines down the center of petals.

Use this checklist to determine if your silk florals are up to par!  

What to watch out for:

Visible thread count in petals

Manufacturing lines and placement

Repeating patterns and petal duplicates 

What to look for:

Does this artificial floral stem share the same qualities with the real thing? 

Does it have unique petals? 

Can I see manufacturing marks? 

Where to find realistic Silk Florals?                

The materials and structures used in Silk Florals should mimic the qualities you find in your natural flower. For example, if you were considering purchasing a faux tulip stem, qualities you might be looking for are: do the leaves have a smooth, waxy finish? Are the leaves flexible or does it have a similar thickness to a real tulip? How many petals are layered around the stigma and does the stigma have an accurate shape? It sounds “nit-picky,” but if you plan on keeping your silk stems for a long time and choose to display them in your home, impress your company with your green thumb and keep them guessing if it is real. True to nature is the best policy.  

Why buy realistic Silk Florals?                 

Silk Flowers are perfect for interior designers and homeowners trying to give their space a “green” and fresh look without the maintenance and clean up. If you choose to invest in silk florals for your home decor, be sure it’s worth it. Quality silk florals should last a lifetime with proper care, pick artificial stems that will elevate your overall design and not look tacky. 

Sweetgrass Galleries in Naples has 2 showrooms stocked with handmade artificial floral arrangements from tropical looks to traditional silk orchids. Find a quality, true to nature look for your home at Sweetgrass Galleries. We guarantee you will find the perfect arrangement because of our large inventory and variety. If you are looking for something specific, commission us to custom make a silk arrangement for your home. Contact us today!

We pride ourselves to know florists in town substitute our faux and silk stems in their fresh flower arrangements. Our quality products go undetected and fit right in!