How to Prevent Sunlight From Fading Silk Flowers?

About UV-Protected Florals for Outdoor Design

Silk florals often fade overtime when placed outside or near sunny windows. For an everlasting silk look, it is recommended to purchase quality faux florals that are UV-Protected. Sweetgrass Galleries likes to call this “SPF” or “Sun-Protected-Florals.” These artificial florals do not fade in the sun and are additionally protected from the water and meant for outdoor artificial floral designs. In most cases, the restaurant industry uses sun protected florals for large faux, outdoor planter arrangements to create an outdoor oasis for their customers without the constant clean up and maintenance. Learn more about custom UV-Protected floral arrangements! 

UV-Protected flowers and greenery won’t fade in the sun and can withstand harsh weather conditions. The reason why UV-protected flowers are durable is because of the material. It is treated and has thick, sturdy plastics that won’t warp or get damaged. UV-Protected florals are great for the outdoors, especially for those who are seasonal and aren’t home all year around. Cut out the stress of your HOA telling you to maintain your outdoor spaces, lanais, and porches.

Fake Outdoor Flowers for Restaurants

The atmosphere you create for your guests at your restaurant is just as important as the food. This is especially true for outdoor restaurants. Customers want to have a relaxing and clean experience at a restaurant and has been proven difficult to achieve in outdoor spaces. Outdoor Restaurants can get overwhelmed by the constant clean up, maintenance, and unpredictability of an outdoor space. Make your life a little easier with flowers that won’t die, fade, or need replacing. Create the outdoor experience you want for your customers without any hassle. Restaurant owners should consider UV-protected florals to design their outdoor space because it doesn’t fade and always looks alive. 

Popular Outdoor Restaurant Fake Flowers:

Bougainvillea is a great look for outdoor restaurant spaces because it fills a space with volume and bright color.

Agave Plants give a modern, clean and sophisticated look. Agave can easily be complemented by smooth, rounded stones and neutral hues.

Bromeliad is for restaurants looking to achieve a tropical and fun atmosphere. 

Fake Outdoor Flowers for your home           

Sweetgrass Galleries of Naples, FL arranges outdoor designs for homeowners often because of Florida’s many seasonal residents and harsh sun. It is hard to maintain the constant clean up of unpredictable, real outdoor arrangements causing more homeowners to opt for artificial outdoor flowers. This saves money on home-sitters and lawn maintenance all year around! UV-Protected outdoor flowers are convenient for seasonal residents because it eliminates stress while out of the state. You’ll never come home to faded leaves or petals and will keep your neighbors guessing. 

Sweetgrass Galleries wants to custom make a stunning, UV-Protected floral design for your home. We have been providing Naples’s interior designers with faux floral arrangement, trees, plants, and grasses for over 20 years! You can find our UV-protected greenery and florals in premiere destinations across Naples. Interior Designers looking for UV-Protected floral arrangements, get your discount at Sweetgrass Galleries and explore our showrooms in Naples.

how to prevent sunlight from fading silk flowers how to prevent sunlight from fading silk flowers